Safety & Cleaning

How can I prepare my child in advance for the health and safety measures at Play Place?

We recommend that you have a chat with your children to explain to them what to expect during their visit.

How do you maintain social distancing with kids?

In accordance with The Lagos state safety guidelines, Play Place Ng will re-open at significantly reduced capacity to allow for proper social distancing. Safe distancing will also be facilitated by visits limited to three 2 hour visit time slots each day.

To manage visitor capacity, admission is by advanced registration and ticketing only. All exhibits will have recommended capacity limits based on Lagos state guidelines and on the specific size and layout of each space. The capacity of each exhibit will be posted and visible to our visitors. We ask that families respect the space of other families while understanding that social distancing is hard for children. Play place staff will be present to assist with social distancing concerns or questions.

There will be hand sanitizer throughout the facility. We also recommend bringing your own to supplement. Visitors are encouraged to clean hands often.

Will everyone including children have to wear masks?

Play place staff and any visitors age 2 and over will be required to wear masks that cover their mouths and noses.

Are you handing out masks?

As you can imagine, we cannot afford to provide masks to all our visitors. We will not be distributing masks to visitors. All visitors are expected to bring their own masks. A limited number of masks will be available for purchase at the admissions desk.

Since masks are required, will there be posted guidelines?

As determined by the directive of the Lagos state government, it is within everyone's best interest to wear a mask at all times while in public. Play Place will make clear to all visitors that masks are required.

Are you taking temperatures?

Yes, we will be taking the temperature of all guests at the point of entry.

Is your staff having temperatures taken?

All Play Place staff will complete a daily health check prior to the start of the day 

How has the cleaning changed?

Cleaning will happen frequently-before, during, in-between, and after visitors enjoy the exhibits. High touch areas will get extra attention. Exhibit parts will be sanitized as needed and between scheduled visitor sessions.
What specific cleaning measures will you be taking to ensure safety?

Staff will rotate throughout the day, continuously monitoring and disinfecting high touch areas.


Play Place will conduct a deep cleaning between the three (3) ticketed time slots. During this time Play Place facilities, janitorial staff members and front-line staff will work together to get the facility ready. All high touch areas such as tabletops, countertops, buttons, benches, seats, handrails, trash cans, doorknobs, light switches, and restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected, and a fresh set of loose parts will be laid out for visitors. High traffic exhibits and public spaces will be cleaned as well. All surfaces will be cleaned to reduce germs and disinfected.

Consistent with existing practices, we will conduct a similar deep cleaning at the end of each day. 

Are the bathrooms open and how often are they cleaned?

Bathrooms are open but limited to two individuals or one visitor group (no more than four people in a group) at once to respect social distancing requirements. Bathrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Ticketing & Admissions

What days and times will Play Place be open?

Play Place will be open Monday-Sunday in three time slots 10:00am-12:00pm 1:30-3:30PM and 4:00-6:00pm. Please note that it is your responsibility to come on time during your time slot. Under no circumstance will additional time be added or a ticket replaced if you do not come on time.

Can I purchase tickets onsite?

Yes. Please visit  https://www.playplaceng.com/booking or to book over the phone please call 08101920386

Will you accept cash?

If you wish to pay in cash please call 08101920386 to make a phone reservation

Will you have timed ticketing? How does it work?

Play Place will be open in three slots, 10:00am-12:00pm, 1:30pm- 3:30pm and 4:00-6:00pm Monday -Sunday. Your ticket will be valid for one time slot only. The entirety of your visit will take place during the time slot.

How much time does my timed ticket allow?

Two hours only.

Is proof of my timed ticket required?

Yes. If you purchase tickets online, please bring your ticket PDFs. The PDF does not need to be printed, showing it digitally is fine.

What if I arrive late for my timed ticket?

Your ticket is valid for the entire slot. You may arrive at any point during it, but your entire visit must take place during the scheduled time slot. Tickets are only valid for the date and time selected at time of purchase. We will not grant a different time slot based on lateness

What if I buy timed tickets and can’t come on that day/time?

Please note that it is your responsibility to come on the date you booked and on time. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or rescheduling options at the time. You are however welcome to purchase a new ticket if tickets are still available for that day.

Will there be time staggering entrances?

Your ticket is good for the entire time slot. You may arrive at any time during the two hours thirty minutes. You do not need to arrive at the very beginning of the time slot, but your entire visit must take place within the two hour slot.

Can I leave Play Place and reenter on the same day?

You may leave and re-enter the facility during your timeslot.

Can I bring in my own food?

Unfortunately we do not allow external food within the facility at this time.


Do I have to make a reservation?

For your safety, so that the number of people in the building can be limited,  all visitors, including Family Members need to make a reservation in advance. There is no charge for Family Members to make a reservation. To make a reservation visit this page https://www.playplaceng.com/bookings 

 Am I limited in how many times we can visit?

Family Members are not limited in the number of times they can visit. You may book one reservation per day. You cannot make reservations for multiple days on one day. For safety reasons, the number of people allowed in the building will be limited.

Private Events & Groups

Can I reserve a special event?

Yes. We are well suited to hosts events under the guidelines and recommendations of the Lagos sate health and safety department.

Can I make a group reservation?.

Unfortunately, reservations for groups are limited to groups or three at the moment to ensure that we are in line with capacity restrictions. Please call 08101920386 for more information if you would like to book a private event